To the places、
that are unreachable
merely with skills.


The world of dentistry is a battlefield.

The world of dentistry is a battlefield.
In order to emerge as the victor, skills, stratagems, finances, and trusted allies are a must.
As partners of the head dentists and owners, we utilize our specialized knowledge to provide a complete support system consisting of website development, management strategies, and employment support among other things to help them clinch victory.
To create

websites; as swift as the wind


At BE PROUD, we provide customized services centered around producing websites for dentists. With tailor-made solutions for the various phases of their business, we work hand-in-hand with our clients and strive to propel their establishments to success.
The forest of dental websites
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    Website Development

    We supply dental websites that attract everyone and anyone, regardless of insurance coverage.
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    Sponsored Advertising

    Capturing the top spot in search results will lead to success.
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    Review Aggregate

    Through customer reviews and ratings by the Japanese Institute of Dental Clinic Valuation, we attract new clients.
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    Recruitment Support

    We help the dentists hire distinguished talent, while helping them retain their current talent.

Our Members

BE PROUD consists of members with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Let us introduce the excellent talent who support the dentists from the moment they start their businesses.

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We are the pillars of support for dentists for everything from website development to business management. Allow us to give a brief overview of our results so far.

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