We will continue
supporting dental clinic owners from the beginning until retirement.

All Head Dentists shoulder not only a considerable amount of debt, but also the responsibility of the livelihoods of their staff.
As such, they are taking on the challenge of their lives.
We, first and foremost, seek to empathize, respect, and be considerate of what these Head Dentists and owners must be feeling.

Among all the issues that the Head Dentists might have,
「Attracting customers」and「Hiring staff」are 2 of the biggest. These 2 factors essentially serve as the all-important wheels to their entire operation.

We simply do not say "I can’t do this" to every new problem,
but instead strive to provide and implement the appropriate solutions while applying all of the knowledge that we’ve accumulated to date.

As professionals in the Website Design industry, we have lofty standards that we will not compromise.
Websites are merely one of our tools for bringing in customers.
We do not pat ourselves on the back after just creating a website. Instead, we consistently think of innovative ways to utilize it, and thus, increase sales while being able to contribute to a more plentiful/well-balanced life for the Head Dentists.

Therefore, we will never suggest quick fixes to our customers for our own short term gain. We also will not hard-sell anything to our customers.
Our decision-making will solely be based off whether it is profitable to the Head Dentists in the medium to long term,
as we are strongly of the opinion that this is the key to building a long-lasting relationship.

We take pride in the fact that no other company exists that can match our know-how or support each and every Head Dentist over the long-term as we can.

Our dream is to celebrate the day our Head Dentists retire together with them.


  • 01

    Responses as swift as the wind

    Just like the invigorating spring breeze, we respond immediately to any issues or requests that may arise.

  • 02

    Strategies as lasting as the forest

    Like any trusted counsellor, we utilize our experience and knowledge gleaned from over 1000 cases to date to provide rational analyses and strategies to attract more customers over the long term. Whatever the question, we have the answer.

  • 03

    Results as roaring as fire

    Competition analysis, differentiation strategy, the Head Dentist’s personality, thoughts, dreams, hopes. We take all of these into account to create a personalized website which produces splendid results in customer increment and staff employment though web marketing.

  • 04

    Stability as immovable as the mountains

    Though having undertaken a large amount of debt and the struggle of their lives, the Head Dentists we work with will always have our support. Even if their staff quits on them, even if their assistant dentists decide to go it alone, we will always be by their side. We will assist them until the day they retire.



If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to contact us.
We are happy to answer inquires regarding price estimates, the details of our services or anything else you may wish to discuss.
We will treat every single one of your concerns with the utmost respect.