Introducing the Management

BE PROUD consists of members with a diverse range of skills and experiences. Let us introduce the excellent talent who have supported the dentists that have started their own businesses from the very beginning.

Board Representative
Taichi Saito

Website DevelopmentSEO・Sponsored AdvertisingReview Aggregate MarketingRecruitment SupportAccounting・Tax Matters

Hello, I am Saito, the Board Representative for BE PROUD.

I have been working in the dental industry for approximately 10 years. Lately ,I have been of the opinion that there are indeed many remarkable individuals in this industry.
Working from Monday to Saturday, and even spending their Sundays to further their education, these dentists, aiming to become the best in their profession, barely have any time to rest at all. Because they work twice as hard as other people, there is a fascinating depth to their characters, and they can empathize with how other people are feeling.
Even when it’s time to wind down, I find the way that they can switch between work and play is quite amazing. These are the people that I have the pleasure of working together with.

I am fortunate and delighted to be able to establish a relationship with my clients that is based not only on work, but also the ability to share private troubles and thoughts about life. As such, I have learnt many things from these doctors, who I deem to be my seniors in life experiences.
From hereon, it would be my utmost pleasure to provide all-inclusive support to and do everything that I can for up-and-coming young dentists who want to kickstart their careers, while simultaneously aiding our current doctors, who have generously been looking after us.

Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University Senior High School
Graduated from the National Defense Academy of Japan
System Engineer in JMSDF Officer Candidate School, established a tax accountancy firm
Executive Vice-President of Mediwill Co., Ltd.
Founded BE PROUD Co., Ltd.
Currently possesses experience of handling more than 800 cases for clients

Chief Creative Director
Masahiko Suzuki

Website DevelopmentSEO・Sponsored AdvertisingReview Aggregate MarketingRecruitment SupportAccounting・Taxes

With 10 years of experience in everything from creating websites to utilizing Sponsored for marketing, I have been involved in numerous areas within the tech industry.

While utilizing all the knowledge that I have cultivated during my time in BE PROUD, I will gladly extend my services to any doctor or dentist who is seeking to kickstart their newly established practice, and of course, anyone who is looking to reap the benefits of web marketing.
One of my strong suits is creating and putting forth strategies and plans that match the current market trends to attract customers.

I will maximize all of my knowledge and know-how to create a first-class environment and marketing strategies that will allow our doctors to showcase their own knowledge and skills at the forefront.

While retaining a continuous hunger for excellence and improvement in order to solve any worries and issues that you might experience in running a medical practice, I will continue to put my forth my best effort to fulfill your needs and wants.

--- Are you experiencing any of these problems? ---

・"I want my newly established practice to succeed"
・"I want to give my old website a fresh and trendy makeover."
"I want my clinic’s websites to top the search results."
・"I want to use PPC advertising to boost my business."
・"I’m not good with the internet so I need someone to help me start from scratch."

No questions are too minor or unimportant!
Please feel free to contact me at anytime。
We accept requests no matter where you are in Japan!

Chief Technical Officer
Masanobu Nakaoka

System Development

Hello. I met Saito, who is the Board Representative, in my first year in the National Defense Academy of Japan, and although we embarked on separate paths after that, since 2016, I have been in charge of the backend development of the portal site for the Japan Institute of Dental Clinic Valuation ( ), and have been providing my expertise to this cause ever since. Starting from 2017, I have been overlooking the development for the portal site "HAPPY".

Graduated from the Law faculty of Tokyo University
As a backend engineer, I have been involved in everything from server maintenance to web applications for start-ups.
Part of the planning committee for BE PROUD Co., Ltd.

The aforementioned representatives and all of our top-notch staff members will work together to support clinic owners and their dentists to grow and expand their business.


If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to contact us.
We are happy to answer inquires regarding price estimates, the details of our services or anything else you may wish to discuss.
We will treat every single one of your concerns with the utmost respect.