Our 4 services
to guide our clients to success

At BE PROUD, we provide services geared towards assisting any Head Dentist who has just opened their clinic.
We will put to rest any concerns the Head Dentist might have when opening a new business, and will work together with them to achieve success.


Website Development

The No.1 In Dental Website Development. Speedy and Reliable

We not only produce websites for new business in a speedy fashion, but also provide assistance for the running of the business. Be it images, content, designs, or the very system required to create your website, you may rest assured that you trust the technical details to our capable hands. Armed with the know-how gained from handling over 1000 cases, we will supply you with a website that is instrumental in turning a profit for your business.


SEO・Sponsored Advertising

We will create a listing for your business based on our data analysis combined with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic to your website.

Even if you’ve expended much effort into creating a website, it would be pointless if your potential customers do not visit your site. 85% of our customer base have had their sites successfully listed as the top search so far. Couple that with choosing the keywords that you want your site to be associated with, and your sales are virtually guaranteed to be increased. In addition, we can also suggest various plans to suit your various needs such as establishing you on general search engine listings to establish a customer base after starting your business, or promoting you to patients who require specialized treatment.


Review Aggregate Marketing

We will boost your site to the top search result for dentists.

In recent years, searches for keywords such as「(Area name) (Dentist) (Ratings) (Review)」have increased. We’ve established an NPO, the Japan Institute of Dental Clinic Valuation to collect and collate dental clinic reviews from patients, and have maintained a high level of reliability and fairness since its inception. With a significant amount of reviews processed every day, we make use of the information to clinch the top search results spot for our clients whilst also acquiring new clientele for our customers.


Recruitment Support

From recruiting new talent to retaining current staff, we provide comprehensive support for your recruitment needs.

The recruiting and nurturing of suitable talent is just as essential as gathering new clients. At BE PROUD, we create advertisements to appeal to and bring suitable talents into your establishment. Moreover, implementing our own unique brand of Management Ideals will drastically reduce the chances of your staff leaving your establishment. Our complete Recruitment Support services will ensure that your clinic has all the staff that it needs to expand and grow.


If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to contact us.
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We will treat every single one of your concerns with the utmost respect.