Recruitment Support

Attracting the right talent for your clinic is just as important as attracting new customers. As such, many medical establishments are competing with each other over suitable staff to join them.
The best way to gather more job applicants than any other clinic in the industry is to make sure that you have an appropriately detailed job advertisement and to ensure that the advertisement reaches a large audience.

More importantly, it is crucial to hire staff that will continue their employment at your clinic for as long as possible; keep your turnover rate low. Constructing a strong management philosophy and firm business guidelines are effective methods for succeeding in employee retention.

BE PROUD is the only company in the industry to provide this employment support service to our head dentists.

Please consult us if:

  • You are struggling to hire dentists, hygienists, or assistants
  • You are starting a new business and want to hire excellent staff
  • You have staff who are quitting soon after being hired
  • You have staff who are not working as desired

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This service is currently unavailable for overseas clients.


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